Castle Recap: “Secret’s Safe With Me”

By October 9, 2012

It’s a big day at Chez Castle, with Alexis packing her things and preparing to head off to college. Adding fire to an already emotionally volatile situation, Martha insists that Castle tell Alexis about his relationship with Beckett. Beckett panics when Castle tells her, but he assures Kate that their secret’s safe with his mother and daughter.

At the crime scene, they discover the word “lie” written in blood next to a woman’s corpse, along with $4000 in cash across the room. They discover a threatening message on victim’s phone and trace it back to her boss. He too is in town from Philly, tracking Wendy, his wayward employee, who has stolen $4000 dollars from his restaurant.

They soon discover that “lie” is actually “317” (they read it upside down!), and denotes a storage locker that Wendy was planning to buy at auction. The proprietor refuses to cancel the auction, and, with clues mixed into the junk, Castle has no choice but to join the bidding war. Running out of cash, Beckett strikes a deal with the man behind them, offering him a $2000 check (and a nod to his mother in Castle’s next book) in exchange for $1600 in cash. The money is just enough for Castle and Beckett to win the auction, despite another patron putting up a fight.

They take the junk back to the office, infuriating Gates…until she notices a creepy Gemini doll amongst the stash. Apparently, Gates is a collector, and this doll is a dream find. Castle gives her the doll and, giggling with joy, she tells the group to carry on.

They learn that the storage unit belonged to Wendy’s twin brother Wendell, who was recently killed in a subway accident. Castle and Beckett pay a visit to Wendell’s employer, Angelica Henley, a wealthy woman who was recently the victim of a home invasion. The pair realize that it was Wendell himself who robbed her, and that the storage unit housed the $4 million dollar diamond bracelet he stole.

Back at home, Castle is excited for his “last night before college” dinner with Alexis. To his shock, however, Alexis cancels on him and snarkily suggests he invite his new girlfriend instead. Confused, Castle tells Beckett; he assumes that Alexis feels that she’s being replaced, but he can’t figure out why Beckett would be different than all of the other women he’s dated.

At the office, Gates, still basking in the afterglow of receiving her long-awaited doll, is suddenly enthusiastic about all things Castle. She’s read his book, and even asks him for an autograph, telling him of her plans to purchase the rest.

Staring at the murder board, Castle suspects that Wendell had a partner in crime, and that it was this partner who ultimately killed him. Suspecting Castle’s rival at the auction, Beckett and Esposito kick in the door to his apartment, only to discover that he is merely a for-profit collector of other people’s cast-offs, and that Wendell’s real partner tried to pay him off to buy the unit for him.

Thanks to the description the other man provides, the team tracks down Wendell’s partner, who admits to trying to steal back the diamond bracelet from the storage locker, but denies any part in the death of Wendell or his sister. When they open the safe he had stolen from the locker, however, they find it empty.

Quickly, they realize that Angelica lied about the theft of the bracelet in order to get an insurance payoff and help her avoid bankruptcy. They accuse her of hiring Wendell to make it look like a break in, and then killing him to get rid of the evidence. She admits to insurance fraud, but denies killing the twins.

Castle and Martha drop Alexis off in her dorm room, where Alexis admits that her anger had nothing to do with Beckett. Rather, it was her fear of leaving home that provoked her snarky remarks. Alexis asks Castle to look for monsters under her bed one last time, and he preforms his fatherly duty before heading off and sobbing in his mother’s arms.

Mid-embrace, he notices a girl taking something out of a compartment in a teddy bear satchel. He realizes that whatever Wendy was looking for was probably hidden in something special only to them, and deduces that what they are looking for must be in the Gemini doll.

Making a beeline for Gates’ office, Castle shatters the Gemini doll…much to Gates’ horror. There is nothing inside…mostly because it’s a second doll that Gates brought into the office that morning. Castle destroys the other doll, finding a USB drive and a glass eye, but Gates is none too pleased. Her short lived love for Castle gives way to anger, and their relationship returns to normal.

Castle and Beckett go back to Angelica’s house, where Castle gleefully declares that the butler did it. The butler, as it so happened, was responsible for the hit-and-run that killed the twins’ parents. Rather than the bracelet, Wendell stole the butler’s spare glass-eye, identical to the one found shattered in the road at the scene of the accident. They arrest the butler, closing the case.