Castle Recap: “Target”

By February 19, 2013

For an entire season, Richard Castle has been fretting over his daughter. College, new friends and boyfriends, a V-log…an adult life, no longer under his careful watch.

And just as he begins to accept it, his worst fears come true.

A hit-and-run that killed a Saudi Arabian student from Columbia University (Alexis’ school), reveals a kidnapping. The victim? Sara El-Masri, another Columbia student and the daughter of a wealthy Egyptian man…with ties to a former regime, and a multitude of enemies. The victim of the hit and run? Her secret bodyguard, who died shooting at the van she was taken in.

Beckett and Castle go to the hotel where Sara was last seen attending a talk on global warming. The concierge reveals that she was not alone; she was with a redheaded friend…Alexis Castle. Excited for his daughter to help, Castle calls his daughter’s phone…only to find it discarded in the lost and found. Sarah alone was not the victim; Alexis has been kidnapped too.

Crushed, Castle returns home, where the FBI proceeds to wiretap his phone. He watches Alexis’ latest VLog–the first he’s seen in a while–only to discover that it was the way their captors found them in the first place. Castle’s anxieties about too much information being given away online, it seems, were not unjustified. Fortunately, it also provides a lead; they can trace the IP addresses of everyone who accessed the site after the video was posted.

The detectives get another lead; they track down the van used to kidnap the girls, only to find it empty and stained with blood. A frantic Castle drives to meet them, begging to know if his daughter is dead. The blood type doesn’t match; it belongs to neither missing girl.

The detectives trace the blood to the driver of the van. They find him at his sister’s house, where Castle tortures him for information. He leads them to farmhouse, but it’s empty, save for his fellow kidnapper…found tortured and murdered inside.

Meanwhile Alexis and Sara awaken. They’d been drugged, but otherwise unharmed. Furthermore, the warehouse-like room in which their trapped is connected to a bathroom, and their captors feed them through a hole in the door, indicating they want the pair alive.

Sara panics, but Alexis helps her stay calm. Sara reveals that she was lectured on what to do if kidnapped, and Alexis uses her lock picking skills–and Sarah’s bobby pins–to unlock the door. Trapped in an office building, they separate, and Alexis finds a phone. 911 fails to work, so she Skypes her father. As the kidnappers approach, Alexis drops the phone and runs, while the FBI agents trace the call.

Alexis and Sarah are no longer in New York…or in the United States. Alexis races to the roof, where she finds herself standing across from the Eiffel Tower. With no way out and her cries for help unheard, she is recaptured, and the screen goes black.