Castle Recap: “The Wild Rover”

By March 28, 2013

Kevin Ryan–detective, husband, wanna-be father…and Irish mobster!?!

That’s right, Castle fans. This week, the sweater-vest wearing good guy went undercover…and he revealed that he too has a few skeletons in his closet.

Jimmy the Baker is found face down in a vat of chocolate. The car casing his bakery just prior to his death belongs to infamous Irish mobster Bobby S. …and Jimmy’s been receiving phone calls from Siobhan O’Doul, whose bar is a notorious mob hang out. Beckett calls Siobhan down to the station, but she clams up upon hearing that Jimmy’s dead.

Ryan returns from his morning at the fertility doctor’s office. His wife, Jenny, drops by the bring him his lunch. Just then, Siobhan comes out. She calls him “Fenton” and kisses him on the spot…much to Jenny’s indignation. “Fenton’s” marital status garners Ryan a slap. Castle’s revelation that “Fenton” is a cop gets him another, and Siobhan is hauled away.

The detectives quickly learn that, prior to joining homicide seven years earlier, Ryan was undercover with the mob. He’d been close to Bobby S., but bolted under the guise of being found out by the feds when they closed in and took out half the crew. Jimmy and Siobhan were both FBI informants, helping to bring down the mob by getting the FBI Bobby’s Bible–a list of every transaction the mob’s ever had. Concerned for Siobhan’s safety, Ryan offers to become Fenton O’Connell once again and complete the mission.

Trading sweater vests and three-piece suits for leather, an accent, and a brand new haircut, Ryan swaggers into Siobhan’s bar. A woman named Maggie punches him on Siobhan’s behalf, and Maggie’s husband, Liam, escorts Ryan back to see Bobby S. Bobby accuses “Fenton” of being a snitch, but Ryan will have none of it; he disarms Liam and puts the gun in Bobby’s hand, daring him to pull the trigger. Bobby relents, welcoming back into the fold, but Liam is less certain.

Back at the station, the detectives realize that Bobby isn’t the killer; rather, with damning physical evidence left behind and an unbreakable alibi, he’s being set up. Esposito meets Ryan in a diner to give him the news, but he refuses to walk away from the case. He goes to Siobhan’s apartment to get the combination to Bobby’s safe, and admits that, despite leaving her with merely a note on the dresser, his feelings for her were real.

At that night’s pool game, Ryan sneaks away to steal the Bible from the safe. He barely escapes being caught by Bobby, but Liam corners him in the hallway, and they drive down to the docks. Bobby arrives in another car, pulling out Siobhan and decrying her as a snitch. He hands Ryan a gun, and despite Siobhan’s willingness to die, Ryan can’t pull the trigger. He turns the gun on Bobby S…only to discover that the barrel is empty. He’s been set up.

But Ryan still has one last trick up her sleeve. During his tussle with Liam, he snatched his phone…and called Esposito. He outs himself as a cop, and Esposito, Beckett, and even Castle come out of the shadows. With the Bible and the mob’s ringleaders in custody, Siobhan is put in witness protection, and she and Ryan say a final farewell.

But the story’s not over. Maggie killed Jimmy; she wanted Bobby to take the fall so that her husband could ascend in the mob’s hierarchy and take his place. Ryan goes home, and Jenny gives him some good news: the fertility tests were for naught, because she’s already pregnant!

On the Caskett front: Castle talks in his sleep, and what he says isn’t pretty. Beckett spends the episode trying to learn her “Jordan” is. It isn’t a woman; it’s a motor company. As a young student, Castle paid someone to write a paper for him on the subject. When he earned accolades for it, he believed himself a fraud…and has spent the rest of his life trying to become the writer everyone thought he was that day. Beckett smiles and tells him that she likes him just a little bit more.

Now as an added bonus we had Seamus Dever in our soundstage here at GeekNation answering YOUR Twitter questions! Enjoy!