‘Castle’ Recap: “Valkyrie”

By September 24, 2013

Castle Valkyrie 9

Castle’s curiosity could turn fatal when he peeks inside a Classified file.

In the final moments of last season’s finale, Richard Castle got down on one knee and proposed to Kate Beckett. The show picks up right where it left off: with Castle still knelt down in the park.

Castle Valkyrie 17

Beckett cries out happily – she thought Castle was about to break up with her, not propose! But alas, she’s decided to take the job in D.C. Does that change things?

Not at all! Castle wants to marry her regardless. She says yes, and he proceeds to slide a giant ring onto her finger.

Castle Valkyrie 1

Two months later, Kate is working for the Feds. She follows a dangerous foreign operative through the streets. He grabs a hostage. Kate kicks away her gun, which explodes, distracting him. She takes him down, but the “hostage” (who is really his partner in crime) grabs the gun fires, hitting her squarely in the chest.

Castle Valkyrie 2

Did they just shoot Kate Beckett again?

Fortunately, it’s just a training exercise, and the bullets and blood aren’t real. Kate gets right back up, and her new partner, Rachel McCord, tells her that intel can sometimes be wrong. She also reminds her to always trust her gut.

Castle Valkyrie 3

Beckett’s supposed to go back to New York for the weekend to see Castle, but a fresh case comes up at the last minute. So what does he do? Hop on a plane to see her, of course!

Castle Valkyrie 4

Unfortunately for Castle, it’s not just like old times. The newest case Beckett’s poring over is classified…but that doesn’t stop Castle from making guesses. And when Kate accidentally drops the file and leaves behind a lone picture, Castle’s too curious to stay out of it.

Castle Valkyrie 5

He calls Ryan and Esposito, and they point him toward an explosion that happened several days earlier. This, in turn, leads him to a golf course…where Kate and McCord soon turn up, following a lead of their own!

Castle Valkyrie 6

McCord isn’t pleased, but she lets Kate’s indiscretion slide. After all, she explains, when she was new to the agency, she accidentally gave classified information to a one night stand, thanks to her sleep-talking habit. Still, she cautions Kate – one slip is all she gets.

Castle Valkyrie 7

There was a break-in at a building several days earlier, and video footage shows ex-Marine Jack Bronson scoping out the place. They break into his place, but don’t find what they’re looking for – a stolen encryption system. Bronson’s not there, either; he’s too busy kidnapping Castle at gunpoint and demanding to know if he’s a suspect.

Castle Valkyrie 8

He asks if they know about something called Valkyrie. Then, suddenly, he begins to keel over, claiming that he’s “going to dreamworld”…and drops dead. Castle manages to steer the car right into a bus stop. The Feds arrive, and Castle gets placed under arrest for cavorting with a wanted man.

Castle Valkyrie 10

Kate’s boss, Agent Villante, comes in to question Castle, implying that he might be in cahoots with Bronson. Castle balks; he’s only in town to visit his fiancé. Kate tries to assure Villante that Castle is innocent, but he already knows; there’s ATM footage of the abduction. His accusations were merely attempts to scare Castle into telling them everything he knows…and into keeping his nose out of future agency business.

Castle Valkyrie 11

Dejected, Castle returns home to New York…only to find Alexis’ new boyfriend, Pi, making papaya steaks in the kitchen. Castle isn’t too fond of Pi; he’s a long-haired fruitarian with a missing passport, and he seems to want to stay in Alexis’ room.

Castle Valkyrie 12

Still, Pi has some good advice: he tells Castle to talk to someone about his problems. And so Castle pays Ryan and Esposito a visit…and Esposito tells Castle that “dreamworld” is not code for sleep; it’s a ghost military base in the Gulf.

Castle Valkyrie 13

Kate and McCord track Bronson’s girlfriend, Jeanette Miller, to a train station. McCord wants to close in, but Kate’s gut tells her that Jeanette’s planning something else. They stop her at a storage locker…where they discover the missing encryption system. They take her in for questioning, where she claims that she and Jack were framed. McCord isn’t convinced, but Beckett believes Jeanette, and they realize that the encryption system is a red herring. The real target was something else in the building.

Castle Valkyrie 14

Federal Agents come to New York and grab Castle. Is he under arrest again?

Castle Valkyrie 15

Beckett comes to meet him in the interrogation room, where he’s just undergone a blood test. She has some bad news for him; a chemical weapon was stolen at the same time as the encryption system. The toxin was placed in the ventilation system of Bronson’s car. It killed him…and now it’s working it’s way through Castle’s system. He has only a day to live.

Castle Valkyrie 16