Castle Recap: “Hunt”

By February 27, 2013

With Alexis and Sara being held hostage in Paris, the El-Masris ransom the pair’s safe return. When only Sara is freed, however, Castle jumps on a plane to France, determined to find Alexis at any cost.

Meanwhile, back in the States, the detectives discover that the girls were first brought to Brussels on a private jet, then transported to Paris under the guise of being transplant patients. Stranger yet, the owner of the plane, a Russian oligarch, is unconnected to the El-Masris, and was completely unaware that it had been stolen and used in a kidnapping.

The situation doesn’t add up, so they track down Roger Hensen’s girlfriend. She’s snarky and unhelpful, and an enraged Kate kicks her out of her chair in the interrogation room. Frightened, she gives them Hensen’s address, but it’s been tossed. They find surveillance pictures on Hensen’s hard drive–pictures of Alexis. She was the ultimate target; Sara was merely a distraction.

Castle meets an old friend–an advisor to the Ministry of Defense–and asks to be put in contact with a freelance spy, Jacque Henri. He meets Henri in a church, and the spy’s blind associate listens to the audio from Alexis’ Skype call. They track her last location, but Alexis is long gone. The kidnappers call Henri, and he brokers an exchange–3 million dollars for the return of Castle’s daughter.

The exchange goes southward when Henri turns on Castle, handing him over to the kidnappers. But before they can kill Castle, a series of shots ring out, taking out all of the hostiles in one fell swoop. A man approaches and identifies himself with the alias Jackson Hunt. He demands that Castle come with him to a safe house….where his walls are full of pictures of Alexis. Gregory Volkov, a spy and the man responsible for Alexis’ kidnapping. He demands to speak to Hunt…who is soon revealed to be Richard’s father.

Hunt explains to Castle that he had no choice to disappear, without a word to Martha. His life as a spy had to be free from attachments; however, once he learned of his son’s birth, he kept an eye on him from a far. They even met once, unbeknownst to Richard; as a boy perusing the library, Hunt gave him a copy of Casino Royale–the book that inspired Castle to become a writer.

Hunt explains that Volkov kidnapped Alexis to exact revenge on him for killing Volkov’s wife. Father and son plot to rescue Alexis from her cage in Volkov’s lair, but, while planting a charge to take out the power, is captured. Castle and Alexis are reunited, and Volkov contacts Hunt on Castle’s walky-talky. As he holds Castle at gunpoint, Hunt gets in one last threat…and the booby trapped walky-talky explodes, taking Volkov with it. Castle and Alexis escape through a hail of gunfire and run to the American Embassy.

Returning to the States, Kate makes Castle promise not to go off half-cocked without her again. On the kitchen counter sits a recently arrived package–a copy of Casino Royale. Now knowing that his father survived the assault, Castle says he has something to tell Martha.