Cate Blanchett in Talks to Join All Female ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Sequel

By June 3, 2016

Following the rumor that Jennifer Lawrence was in talks to join Sandra Bullock in the upcoming all-female Ocean’s Eleven sequel, The Playlist is now reporting that Academy Award-winner, Cate Blanchett, is currently in talks to join the film’s ensemble as well. Not many details were revealed about Blanchett’s character in the film, or what her overall role will be, but it does state that she will be playing the right-hand woman to Bullock’s character.

The film is expected to begin filming this Fall as well, and will be a continuation of the previous movies, following Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) ex-con sister (played by Bullock) who assembles her own team of thieves looking to steal a necklace from the Met Ball, in order to frame a famous gallery owner.

The report also states that it’s looking less and less like Jennifer Lawrence will be able to do the film after all, due to scheduling conflicts, despite it providing her the opportunity to reunite with her Hunger Games director, Gary Ross, on the project. In addition, a George Clooney cameo in the film has apparently been squashed as well, though there is the possibility of him appearing in one of the future sequels.

Apparently the film’s currently working title is Ocean’s Ocho as well, hinting at a possible eight-member team in the film, with the franchise’s original director, Steven Soderbergh helping to shepherd the film into production alongside Clooney and the late Jerry Weintraub ever since 2014.

With names like Blanchett, Bullock, and Lawrence all circling the film, it looks like this all-female sequel is trying to grab as many of the A-list female actresses working today as it can, but with Bullock and Blanchett alone, it already has some promising star power going for it. Thankfully, the film will not be a reboot of the original franchise as well, unlike earlier reports had indicated, and it sounds more and more like the new film could mark an exciting and fun new direction for the Ocean’s franchise, that also helps to promote and push more diversity in Hollywood. Talk about a win-win.

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