Check Out The First DC Animation Trailer For ‘Justice League Vs. Teen Titans’

By January 27, 2016

DC Animation flat out owns the superhero animation game right now in many fans eyes. While not everyone has been on the fan bus for Batman’s tormented son Damian Wayne (the new version of Robin); DC’s still managed to tell some interesting stories with the sometimes bratty character and it looks like he, as Robin will be the leader of your Teen Titans.

Also noteable, it looks like Cyborg is actually on the Teen Titans side here, rather than the Justice League. The League itself seems to consist of only Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Nightwing. Check out the trailer below:

That music though.

One of the most fun things to do for superhero people is to make up a reason for good guys to have to fight good guys but still be good guys in the end. Kind of like my personal dream of someone forcing me to pull off an elaborate heist someday; you get to see what would happen with no real fear of repercussions. That’s the idea here as it seems like someones made the Justice League turn bad  and the Teen Titans have to beat ’em to stop em’.

The only thing not to dig here is the continuation of Damian Wayne being way more powerful than he should. No matter how you spin it, he’s a kid! Pretending Damian Wayne could actually hold his own against Batman or Superman is far too much of a stretch for fans. That didn’t stop them from making Batman Vs. Robin and bless their hearts, they tried to make it believable.

Damian Wayne aside, DC Animation continues to kill it and I’m sure this will be no different. What do you think GeekNation? Is Damian Wayne growing on you after a better role in Bad Blood? Are you psyched for Justice League Vs. Teen Titans or is it just too much for you? Stay tuned for updates from GeekNation!

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