Check Out This Excellent Animated ‘Superman’ Short Celebrating The Hero’s 75th Anniversary

By October 15, 2013

Superman 75 video

Debate all you want about the quality of Man of Steel – personally, I loved it – but this is undoubtedly a special year for Superman. It’s the character’s 75th anniversary (read much more about that here), and one of the big things WB and DC Entertainment wanted to do was pay homage to the Big Blue Boy Scout in a short, slick video that hit the touchstones of his existence over the years. Entertainment Weekly had an exclusive first look at the video yesterday, but their player is incredibly annoying and not embeddable (It’s 2013, EW. Get your sh*t together), so we chose not to feature it here.

But now Variety points out that the short is available on YouTube for all to see. Directed by Man of Steel helmer Zack Snyder, the video made its debut at New York Comic Con this past weekend. It features music from John Williams’ classic Superman: The Movie score before it transitions into Hans Zimmer’s instrumentation from Man of Steel while examining some of the men who have played Superman through the years (including TV’s George Reeves), and of course it hits some memorable moments in comics history as well. Take a look below:

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