Check Out This Justice League ‘Cyborg’ Video Featuring Ray Fisher & New Concept Art

By January 20, 2016

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Last night’s CW special apparently had some cool stuff to throw at our superhero lovin’ faces. Check out this (surprise) featurette on Justice League character Cyborg:

Haven’t seen much of Ray Fisher as of this video and it’s really nice to see him talk about the character for a second. You’ll see about the 18 second mark an upclose shot of Victor Stone’s face after the accident in what appears to be some sweet concept art. It’s great to see an underrated Justice League member get some love here and I’m sure the world will be surprised at just how interesting Cyborg is once his solo movie comes out in 2020.

Geoff Johns gives the superhero star athlete a quick origin in the video as well, for those not familiar:

Victor Stone is an athlete, whose father’s a scientist. Victor is in a horrible accident and it is only through his father’s talents and skills in technology that he survives. But he survives only because he’s rebuilt into a cyborg. 

Cyborg has seemed to take more of a prominent role in the New 52 era of DC Comics as well as in the newer animated Justice League films and it’s awesome. Slowly becoming more and more popular for this and his hilarious role in the kids show Teen Titans. (That I totally watch)

Some fans are worried about superhero fatigue with all the TV shows and movies coming out constantly and rightfully so, but as long as characters like this are being introduced to the mass public in awesome ways; I think we’re going to be okay.

Excited for the Cyborg stand alone movie, GeekNation? Stay tuned as always for more updates!

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