Cheeky New International ‘Deadpool’ Poster Drops Online!

By December 1, 2015

The marketing for Deadpool has been hitting on all cylinders. Ever since that first trailer dropped back at Comic Con we have been getting various other bits of promotional material peppered across the past few months. Whether it’s been posters, a standee, a hilarious trick-or-treat video or Deadpool posing with a Thanksgiving feast these little reminders that Deadpool’s own film is coming and it will be here very, very soon. Sure Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War may be on their way but Fox is not letting us forget that the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ is on his way.

Today, 20th Century Fox, via their UK Twitter page has release an all-new international poster for Deadpool. Check it out below!

Once again Deadpool delivers with a great piece of marketing. First, of all the tagline is great. Then you throw in Deadpool’s pose and the fact that he’s wearing a pink backpack (which I didn’t notice until the 3rd time I looked at it) is pretty much perfect. At this point I don’t even care if the movie is good anymore, just keep giving these awesome promotional images and videos and I’ll be entertained. Obviously I want the movie to be great but you get the point. They are doing everything right in promoting this film. While we here at GeekNation and you at home may know who Deadpool is there are still millions of people that have no idea who this guy is. If anything, some may still connect him to X-Men Origins: Wolverine (shudders)…so Fox needs to show the general movie going audience that this is definitely not the same guy from that train wreck. If what we have seen so far, Deadpool looks like may be exactly what fans are hoping for! Keep ‘em coming Fox! We continue to eat these up!

Deadpool debuts in the US on February 12, 2016.

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