Chris Evans Reacts to Captain America’s Hydra Twist

By May 26, 2016

A rippled of outrage and disbelief was sent through the comic book community yesterday, when the first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers revealed that its title character may have been a secret Hydra agent all along, recruited into the terrorist organization as a child. As you can probably imagine as well, a majority of fans were not happy with the twist, with many saying it went directly against everything that the character stood for.

It looks like the news may have reached none other than the live-action Captain America himself, Chris Evans, who just recently reprised his role as Steve Rogers onscreen in Captain America: Civil War, with many calling it his best turn as the character yet.

The actor responded to the news basically like the rest of us too, sharing the following tweet:

Say it ain’t so indeed.

Now, of course the twist is being set up to probably be a fake out by Steve Rogers to infiltrate Hydra or something like that, but the reaction from fans is to be expected as well, and it’s nice to see Evans joining in on the discussion and disbelief like the rest of us too. Especially considering the fondness that he’s developed towards the character over the years, and the acclaim he’s received from the fans for his work as Steve Rogers as well.

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