Chris Hemsworth’s Body is What Convinced John Krasinski He Wouldn’t Be Captain America

By August 24, 2016

After five years of playing the role onscreen, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America now. The actor has moved on past his Fantastic Four days, and has given the beloved Marvel character the kind of onscreen performance that he’s so deserving of, giving in my opinion, one of the best performances of any actor in the comic book movie genre.

Which is probably why it’s strange to think about how close John Krasinski came to playing the Star Spangled hero when Marvel was originally casting the role, even getting to costume fittings and tests before he eventually dropped out of the race.

According to Krasinski in a new interview on Conan as well, it was a chance encounter seeing Chris Hemsworth dressed up as Thor that convinced him he wasn’t right for the role:

It was a big deal for me, because first of all I love those Marvel movies. I love superheroes. I love imagination. When they asked me to test they actually allowed me to put on the suit. I was on a set, it was all very interesting. I feel like as I’m talking about this someone from Marvel is going to [spit noise] just dart me, I’m not allowed to talk about it at all. The only bummer of it was I was putting on the suit, just watching it like ‘This is so amazing,’ and I got to right about my waist, I was still shirtless, feeling pretty good about myself. I wasn’t 13 Hours yet but I felt pretty good and all of a sudden Chris Hemsworth walks by as Thor and he’s like ‘Hey mate,’ and I went ‘I’m good. This is stupid. I shouldn’t. It’s okay, I’m not Captain America. It’s fine.’

It’s a strange thing to happen honestly, though if we’re  all being completely honest here, it’d be hard to see Chris Hemsworth in costume as Thor and not be convinced you’re not worthy of being a hero as well. Especially when you think of the time and context this happened, before either the Thor or Captain America movies had been filmed, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe was just getting going.

Considering that he was also up for Star-Lord at one point as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing Krasinski in the comic book movie world at some point to be honest, especially in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whether it ends up being a hero or a villain though, will have to wait to be seen.

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