Chris Pratt is NOT the Biggest Star in the World

By October 16, 2015

Chris Pratt: Movie star. Comedian. Actor. Raptor trainer…. No matter what you call him, he is, arguably, the biggest actor in the world. And deservingly so. His profile hit the stratosphere after his star making turn in 2014’s blockbuster hit Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. 

This was further cemented when this past summer’s Jurassic World earned the best all time debut over a two day weekend; going on to earn over a billion dollars world-wide becoming the third highest grossing film in box office history! And a lot of that has to do with Chris Pratt.

So you would think the guy can’t go anywhere without being mobbed by his fans looking for pictures/hugs/strands of hair to frame. He’s a movie star, after all – the biggest in the world! Everyone will recognize his face, right?


Chris Pratt can’t even get arrested these days. No one knows who he is – especially in New York! Maybe it’s because he’s a jerk; maybe it’s because no one saw any of his movies (wait that can’t be right)… maybe it’s… Ah, forget it.

Thanks to the hilarious team behind ‘Billy on the Street’ from Tru TV, we have this amazingly funny video of Billy taking Chris everywhere in New York searching for just one person that might recognize the dino loving actor.

Hopefully, and one day soon, Chris will be able to hail a cab in the city that never sleeps. Until then, he’ll have to keep paying his dues in film to finally be called a ‘star.’

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  • David Johnson

    He’s been in a lot of movies that would have been Blockbusters with other actors playing his part.