Christian Bale Interested in Leading ‘The Deep Blue Good-By’

By July 16, 2014

Since Travis McGee isn’t a super well-known character outside of those who’ve read the books centered on his character, we’ll start this off with a little bit of background. McGee is the protagonist of a series of novels written by author John D. MacDonald, the first of which (“The Deep Blue Good-by”) was released in 1964 and introduces the character – a beach bum “salvage consultant” living in Florida who recovers lost items for people…for a fee. He lives on a houseboat and takes jobs only when he needs money, and he appeared in 21 novels from 1964 to 1984 (all of which included a color in the name).

20th Century Fox has been interested in bringing his story to the big screen for years, and recently the studio had Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star. But DiCaprio walked because he had too much on his plate, and The Wolverine director James Mangold signed on to direct. We wondered who the studio would choose to replace DiCaprio as their star, and now Variety is reporting that Christian Bale is in early talks to take on the lead role. That’s a hell of a replacement, considering Bale has done something DiCaprio still never has – won an Oscar.

Christian Bale blue

The outlet claims that “Bale has agreed to come on to star,” though no official offer has technically been made yet. (They say he should be receiving one soon.) The script is written by Mystic River scribe Dennis Lehane, but this movie seems a little more lighthearted than a lot of stuff that Bale is associated with, and I think it would do him (and audiences) some good to see a different, goofier side of him on the big screen. He can play ragged with the best of them, so now we’ll just have to see if he can be believable as a beach bum. (I’m guessing the answer is yes.) As for DiCaprio, he isn’t distancing himself from this project completely: he’s sliding into a producer role instead of a starring one.

What do you think? Looking forward to The Deep Blue Good-by?

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