‘Chronicle 2’ Takes Flight With a New Screenwriter; Max Landis Responds

By April 1, 2014

The chronicle of, well, Chronicle 2 has been a full enough one, and the sequel to the 2012 smash hit that gave us such talents as Max Landis, Josh Trank, Michael B. Jordan, and Dane DeHaan (or, at least, made such talents far more recognizable than they were before the superhero drama hit the big screen) has had a rough road to the big screen.

Although director Trank was never attached to direct the film – the up-and-coming helmer has plenty of other superheroic properties in the tank, including the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot – it was expected that screenwriter Max Landis would return to pen the next installment. But we haven’t heard that much about the film for quite awhile now, especially after Landis left the film last July after originally claiming that he was working on something “really dark” for the script, way back in April of last year. How’s this for dark? They’ve finally replaced Landis.

Deadline reports that Jack Stanley will now pen the sequel to the film, effectively also adding “Who?” to their write-up of the news. Who is this guy? What! Why?!


As the outlet notes, “Stanley doesn’t have any produced credits, but this goes to show how a good script written on spec can change everything for a writer. He wrote Sweetheart, the story of a female assassin whose attempt to get out of the biz is thrown awry by her high school reunion. It hit the Black List…and the script made the rounds and put the 25-year old on the map.” Stanley also penned something called Silver, a “werewolf thriller” that is also making its way around Hollywood to apparent interest and acclaim.

There’s no word on how dark – or not dark – Stanley’s script will be, and we also don’t know if we’ll ever see Landis’ script, if only for some fun reading material and what-iffing. Landis himself did take to Twitter to respond to the news, writing (and this has been condensed for readability):

“Everyone’s tweeting me about the new guy on Chronicle 2.  Thanks for the support, but please remember I left, they didn’t ‘fire me.’ I’m curious to see what direction they go, but you shouldn’t hold it against Fox that they didn’t want to make my first script, you know? They bought the property from me and Josh when we sold the spec. So it’s not something anyone should be angry about, so to speak. We couldn’t come to terms on what the 2nd movie should be; I wanted a dark, grounded, action continuation of the growth of a superhero world. They wanted something else. I’d say the emotion here is best of luck to the new guy, I remember when I was 25 and a ‘young hot writer.’ It’s a precipitous place to be. Luckily I seem to have made it work okay. I literally have no idea what Chronicle 2 will be. In the room they were talking about Chronicle with girls or Andrew is a government weapon. But that was like two years ago, I have no idea where they’re at now.”

What do you want to see from the next Chronicle?

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