Colin Farrell Talks His Role in ‘True Detective’ Season 2

By June 6, 2015

With HBO’s “True Detective” on the cusp of premiering its highly anticipated second season, cast and crew are starting to open up a little bit more about the show, and what we might be able to expect from it. Recently at the Maui Film Festival, one of the show’s leads, Colin Farrell, was one of them.

According to Variety, Farrell discussed his excitement for the material and enthusiasm for the writing, as well as influences on his own character: Detective Ray Velcoro, a “burnout” officer who’s attracted to an intriguing murder case along with his partner, Detective Ani Bezzerides (played by Rachel McAdams). The first major element Farrell discussed was the difference in overall format, along with the idea that you can still see it’s descended from the first season.

Aesthetically, it’s very different. There are four main characters, as opposed to the two-character structure that’s in the first piece. But it’s a lot of the same sensibilities, and a lot of the characters are struggling with the same kind of existential quandries and questions that are related to meaning and pupose and the burying of the darkness that may be in your past.

Farrell also revealed just the slightest sliver about his character, calling him “a bit of a burnout.” When the audience chuckled a bit, recognizing that Farrell has struggled with substance abuse in the past, Farrell took advantage of the situation and quipped, “I dug deep into my not-so-distant past,” which registered quite a laugh. He added on a more serious note,

He’s somebody who like many of us in life is wrestling with events that took place in his past, and is trying to move forward from them, but trapped in this continual cycle of behavior he can’t get out of. I think fundmentally he’s a good man that made some very bad choices.

Beyond that, though, Farrell also discussed the mood of the second season. The catalyzing event, a murder, may get the plot rolling, but its not really the focus of what’s happening in the show. Like the first season, the personal lives and situations of the characters very much play a factor in what the show will be portraying, which certainly added to the overall drama of the first season.

I think it’s more to do with what’s happening with the characters than the solving of a murder, which is what I kind of felt about the first year anyway. So hopefully people respond to it. You never know. But it was a blast to work on. It was such good material, and such a wonderful cast of characters.

“True Detective” season 2 will premiere on HBO on Sunday, June 21st. For more on the show as it develops, keep it locked on GeekNation.

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Chris Clow
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  • David Johnson

    After the amazing writing on S1, I’m there with the popcorn popped & ready for some Strong Performances from some Amazing Actors!!!

    • An amazing first season! So hoping the 2nd holds up, but by the looks of the teasers it has a great shot.

      • David Johnson

        Hoping for the same writing team, or one of the Originals Caliber. Then Look at the Cast, that’s one hell of a Ensemble!!!!

        • Yep. And in EVERY scene and picture I’ve seen thus far everyone just looks incredibly intense.

          • David Johnson

            Every trailer I’ve seen looks dark & intense which works considering the original season. Plus the trailers really aren’t giving away any of the story line.

    • David Black

      yeah what a season it was ! lets hope the next one just as good… or even better!

      • David Johnson

        With the cast they assembled it should be amazing. The same man is writing it & the same producer is in charge. They are using more & some different directors.

  • Mikey Silva

    have heard such great things about Season one of true detective , bummed i missed it, def gonna catch up before season 2 arrives.

    • Michelle

      make sure you do watch it, its so worth it! 😉

  • JessicaKx

    I love Farrel in this series <3

  • USAjoe

    Farrel is such a legend, I do love most Irish actors though <3