Comedian Pete Holmes Creates His Own Version of ‘Batman vs. Superman’

By October 18, 2013

pete holmes

You may not be familiar with the name Pete Holmes just yet, but like Yoda says, “You will be…YOU WILL BE.”


Holmes will be familiar to those who surf the waves at College Humor as a bit of a clueless Batman, as evidenced by Batman vs. Penguin, in which The Penguin (Patton Oswalt) has to explain to The Dark Knight that most of the guys he beats up “in the name of good” more often than not end up dying.

Now, Holmes is back in the cowl arguing with Superman about who the better superhero is in this latest bit from his new TBS sketch comedy show, “The Pete Holmes Show.” (via FirstShowing) Ready to see Batman take on Superman? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

Holmes is learning quite a bit about the cost and time intensity of doing these videos when he remarked that “Every Batman video that we do is a night shoot and it takes way more money than I ever thought. I don’t even like knowing how much that stuff costs. With the suit and the lights and the smoke machine and the cast and the other costumes, not just my suit, but if we do Bane or if we do Scarecrow, all this stuff gets built and costs a lot.”

I hope he keeps doing these for his new show because he’s got that Christian Bale growl dead on.


If he needs a Kickstarter to keep doing these, I’d kick in like a mofo.

But before I go, enjoy this piece in which Holmes takes on the role of Professor X as he fires Wolverine for being “completely useless” in “Ex-Men: Wolverine.”

“The Pete Holmes Show” premieres Monday, October 28th at 11pm on TBS.

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