Comic-Con: ’24’ Movie is Still A Possibility

By July 24, 2014

Things are in full swing at Comic-Con 2014, and one of this morning’s first panels was 20th Century Fox TV’s presentation of “24,” with star Kiefer Sutherland and executive producer Jon Cassar. I personally gave up on “24: Live Another Day” because I felt like it was falling back into the rhythms of the latter seasons of the show (which I wasn’t crazy about), but I know there are still a lot of diehard “24” fans out there hoping that Jack Bauer will return once again. Good news: it sounds like that might actually happen.

With regard to “Live Another Day’s” ending, in which – spoiler alert – Jack survives, Sutherland said:

On some level…we copped out because it’s hard to let it go. It’s hard to end it. We came ourselves as people who are making the show, came full-faced with that. Trying to create the end of our show this season, because we had said this was the last season, was really difficult for us. All of us individually didn’t want to let it go; we fought against it, we fought for it. Your response to the end of this season was really gracious and kind, so thank you very much.

Cassar, who moderated the panel and introduced it with a sizzle reel of the series’ best moments, also chimed in from the stage with a quote about the future of the franchise heading to the big screen:

We’re still talking about the movie, it’s still potentially out there.

Talk of a “24” movie was all the rage a few years ago, but it eventually became one of those projects that fans just assume would never get made. But similar to “Arrested Development” and all the talk of a movie for that show, “24” made its return with another season of television instead of opting for the big screen treatment. Antoine Fuqua was in talks to direct a movie at one point, so we’ll have to see if these new talks about a movie get further than the last round of discussions, or if Jack Bauer will return once again on television in “24: Live Yet Another Day.”

Watch the full panel below:

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