Comic-Con Interview: George Miller Talks ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

By July 29, 2014

San Diego Comic-Con gave us some great videos this year. The best (in my humble opinion), was the trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat! I’ve included it below. I was lucky enough to get to attend the Comic-Con press conference with director George Miller and producer Doug Mitchell where I learned all about some of the cool stuff we’re going to get in the first Mad Max movie since Beyond Thunderdome, and the first not to star Mel Gibson.

What’s really cool here is that there was essentially no script for the film. Miller, who directed all the other Mad Max films, told us that he didn’t want very much dialogue in the film, so he used three storyboard artists to create the framework instead of script writers. When you watch the trailer, you’ll get why. This movie is all about the chase, according to Miller, and there are some of the coolest stunts I’ve ever seen in there.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Miller also told us that there was originally a sequel in the works with Gibson back in 2001, but then September 11th happened and the focus was shifted to Happy Feet. Check out what he has to say below.


On Charlize Theron’s character:

Well, we don’t want to give away too much story, but I can say that she plays the Imperetor Furiosa. She’s the boss of a War Rig, which is a big rig…that’s the rig in which people flee across the wasteland. I can’t really think of another character in cinema quite like her. I’m sure people can think of other connections, but just how the character was conceived and how Charlize took it on…there have been great female action characters, but not one like this.

On why he decided to use storyboards more than scripts:

First of all, it’s a chase. Very hard, when people are chasing each other across the wasteland, to write that in words. It’s much easier to do it as pictures. So, because it’s almost a continuous chase, you have to connect one [thing] to the other. The most obvious way to do that is a storyboard. They put words in later, as it were. I worked with three very good storyboard artists and graphic designers…we just stood in a big room and started writing it. We’d say, “Okay, this guy throws what we call a ‘thunder stick’ at another car and there’s an explosion.” You can write that, where the thunder stick hits, where the car is, what the explosion looks like, but it’s very hard to get those dimensions, so we would draw them.

On using practical effects:

We wanted to do this film old school. This is not a big CG movie. There is CG in it, but every stunt you see is real, involving real people. As I said before, involving other members of the cast…it brings with it a certain amount of anxiety. We had wonderful rigging crews, stunt crews and camera crews and we had no serious injuries at all.

He also said that many of the stunt people from the first film were still working and came back for this one. Pretty cool, right? What do you think about the new trailer? Are you excited to see this film? Mad Max: Fury Road will hit theaters on May 15, 2015.

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  • Lil Dragon

    I am more excited for this film than I have been for any other movie in years. The preview looks awesome. I keep rewatching it every time I need a pick-me-up.