Comic-Con: ‘The Walking Dead’ Crew Hints At What To Expect in Season 5

By July 26, 2014

On Friday, “The Walking Dead” invaded San Diego Comic-Con and premiered a new trailer for Season 5 as well as a “sneak peek” into the 15th episode of the new season which depicted Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) with full beards, still in that train car, playing cards while eating cooked meat that ended up being their other cast mates. Obviously a fake clip, it was hilarious and shows how necessary it is to let off some steam in between takes of the zombie apocalypse.

After the hilarity died down, showrunner Scott Gimple chimed in, comparing the upcoming season to “Cheers” at Terminus. While he was a bit tight-lipped on details for the new season, he did tell us that there will be a Terminus backstory. Robert Kirkman added that the new season would start off with a detour of sorts from Terminus and explained this was not something that was divulged in the comic but soon the story would get back to the familiar story line the comic series fans love. Kirkman added a detail about the more badass Rick that’s coming, “Mega Kung-Fu Grip Rick is what we’ve had in the comics for a while. But it’s taken a while to get there in the show.”

The trailer that was debuted (below) shows that Rick and crew form what looks like a shaky alliance with Gareth (Andrew J. West), the leader of Terminus. Seth Gilliam (“The Wire”) will also be joining the cast this upcoming season as Father Gabriel Stokes.

Later in the press roundtables, we got some more details from the cast on what to expect next season. Danai Gurira (Michonne) touched on the misleading nature of the new trailer: “Whatever you picked up in terms of alliances, that’s only you. Trailers are meant to give you a lot and throw you in five different directions.” She informed us they just finished shooting the 7th episode and are about to begin on the mid-season finale next week. Further discussing the new season’s feel, she said the show is “very intensely macro and micro.”

She mentioned that one of the things she learned about Michonne is she doesn’t need the sword to survive. The sword is enacted through her and not just anybody can use it. But the idea that it is part of her identity is misleading. Michonne does what she needs to do and in the new season she is using other weapons which brought more ferocity out of her. “The goal must be accomplished,” she said. “The tool is inconsequential.”

Showrunner Scott Gimple sat down with us and told us a bit about what to expect in the beginning of the first episode. “The first 6 minutes are seriously intense! I was scripting it with Greg because I knew he was directing it. It was really important that we get started with it and boy do we! For these first 6 minutes, I’m very weirded out thinking that families with be watching it. It’s very very intense.” He went on to tell us the new season will be a shuffled deck again regarding references to the comics and original content. They will be throwing in some content from the comic story they missed from a year and a half ago in the timeline so the audience will be kept guessing.

He also discussed the changes in the zombie makeup this season. “He (Nicotero) is amazing. He is introducing a new state of decay to the walkers. I don’t know how they do it. He does walkers without noses and it doesn’t look fake. Where’s the nose!?”

Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) talked about his experience going from a fan of the show to a cast member. “When we were shooting Glenn and Maggie’s reunion, we came out with the guns a blazin’ and these guys come together, I’m literally in the take crying. It was emotional and I knew it was going to be a huge moment, watching it as a fan and being in the scene.”

Robert Kirkman gave us a sorta scoop by telling us Carol and Tyrese will be showing up very early in the new season. When asked about the alliance that is made with the Terminus people, Kirkman said, “They seem like bad people. Then Rick and all these other people we leave you with at Season 4 – it doesn’t seem like they’ll be striking an easy alliance. It won’t be as clean cut. There will be a lot of nuance and a lot of things you don’t expect.”

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd discussed the cinematic quality of “The Walking Dead” compared to her experience working on blockbusters: “I have to say coming from big movies, some of the sequences we’ve done are absolutely fantastic. We shoot an episode in 8 days and we really don’t have big second units or anything like that and what we’re about to do in 8 days is incredible.”

Are you ready for Season 5 of “The Walking Dead”? The premiere is set for October 12th, 2014. Watch the full panel from Hall H below:

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