‘Community’ Cancelled, But I’m Guessing This Isn’t The End

By May 9, 2014

We’ve finally moved into the darkest timeline: according to Variety, Dan Harmon’s “Community” has officially been cancelled.

Sony TV is likely going to shop the show around to other outlets, and Harmon has said that he’s heard whispers of his sitcom possibly being picked up by a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon if NBC chose not to renew it, so that outcome looks like the best option for fans of the Greendale Human Beings. While this news is devastating to fans of the show, it isn’t exactly surprising: the comedy series has never been a huge ratings hit, and the viewer numbers it earned would have justified cancellation multiple times over the past few years if NBC had any other legitimate options to replace it. Plus, co-showrunner Chris McKenna just tweeted the other day that he didn’t have high hopes for the show’s future, so the writing was on the wall.

At PaleyFest, Harmon was asked about the “six seasons and a movie” mantra that the show has adopted over the past few years, and he joked that each member of the audience would probably film one frame of the eventual movie just to make that happen. While the cancellation is undoubtedly sad news, we’re in a golden age of TV resurrections right now. A few years ago, if you would have told me that we’d soon be seeing new episodes of “Arrested Development,” “24,” and “Heroes,” I would have called you crazy – not to mention a “Veronica Mars” movie and a spin-off show to go with it. “Community” fans (myself included) don’t just love this show…they LOVE this show, and I’m guessing that if it doesn’t get picked up by Netflix or one of the other streaming services, Sony TV could easily turn to Kickstarter and raise enough money to do pretty much whatever they want to wrap this show up the way they intended.

It should be noted that the final moments of the Season 5 “Community” finale, in which Harmon blatantly made fun of NBC and basically taunted them into bringing the show back, may have pissed off the wrong person at the network and been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Check that out below:

All that being said, if for some weird reason we’ve actually seen the last of “Community” here, I want to take this opportunity to thank Dan Harmon for one of the most genius television shows I’ve ever seen. We had four solid seasons (and a gas leak one thrown in there, too), and that’s honestly more than I thought we could get from one of the most off-kilter, subversive sitcoms ever to air on network television. So thanks, Mr. Harmon. Your show made me extremely happy, and I look forward to seeing whatever you do next.

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  • Chris Clow

    Great piece, Ben! Wish the news could be better, but that show is definitely unforgettable!