‘Community’ Might Return Thanks to Hulu

By May 28, 2014

When “Community” was cancelled, I wrote about how I was pretty sure we hadn’t seen the last of Dan Harmon’s hilarious and brilliant sitcom. Now there’s word from Deadline that I may have been onto something, because Hulu is in talks with Sony Pictures TV for more original installments of the show. Of course, these are early discussions and no deal is in place yet (and one might not materialize here at all), but Hulu seems like a great fit for the continuing adventures of Harmon’s ragtag group.

One of the big elements concerning “Community” possibly finding another life outside of NBC is the show’s complicated syndication deals that it already has in place. But as Deadline puts it:

With its devoted following by a core group of passionate fans, Community is the type of show digital platforms crave. Complicating the series’ options is the fact that it has a digital syndication deal in place with Hulu, in addition to a cable off-network pact with Comedy Central. That makes Hulu a perfect home for the comedy as it is the kind of streaming service where a show like Community would do best and because it already carries the series’ library via an existing agreement with Sony.

I’d obviously love to see more episodes of the show as long as Harmon is willing to make them, and his attitude seems to have changed from apathetic to interested in the weekend after the show was cancelled. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this soon, but have hope, “Community” fans. The show is still dead, but it isn’t as dead as it used to be.

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