‘Community’s Dan Harmon Penning Additional Scenes in Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

By August 24, 2016

After years and years of being a self-made star in the nerd world thanks to his work on both Community and Harmontown, it looks like Dan Harmon is finally getting to work in the comic book movie world, with Marvel, though it’s not quite the film that we would have expected for Harmon to be involved in.

Which is kind of what makes this whole thing perfect.

Sources tell THR that Harmon was brought on actually to write additional scenes for Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which is set to hit theatres later this year, after principal photography wrapped on the film. His scenes will apparently be filmed during the planned reshoot schedules for Strange, and is joining director Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill as a co-writer on the movie, as well as sharing story credits with Derrickson, Cargill, and Jon Spaihts.

Following the story of famous neurosurgeon Stephen Strange, Doctor Strange will tell the story of Strange after he loses the ability to operate with his hands following a tragic accident and who seeks teachings from the Ancient One, who educates him in the ways of the mystical arts, before he eventually becomes the Sorcerer Supreme.

Right now, the film is setting itself up to be unlike anything Marvel has released to date, blasting open the Marvel Cinematic Universe with entirely new possibilities, worlds, and characters, in addition to sporting some of the more intricate special effects in cinema history. Whether he’s adding in some humorous elements to the story or is working more on the dramatic side though, Harmon is an unexpected and exciting new addition to the film’s creative team.

Doctor Strange is set to hit theatres on November 4th.

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