Conan’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Parody is Exactly What You Want it to Be

By October 8, 2015

The Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs has remained one of the more apparent Oscar frontrunners of the year for the past few months. With the film receiving plenty of festival buzz too coming from Telluride and Toronto, and plenty of chances for Oscar gold in its future – it’s easy to see why the movie is on everyone’s radar at this point.

However, the good folks over at Conan (via /Film) recently revealed the trailer for their version of Steve Jobs, this time focusing on Michael Dell. It’s basically everything you would expect it to be, and that’s probably what makes it so perfect. Check it out below:

In case any of you were wondering too, Michael Dell is an actual person, although he might not be as eccentric or self-referential as this “movie trailer” makes him out to be. Either way – well-played folks over at Team Coco. Well. Played.

Steve Jobs is set to hit theatres in a limited release on October 9th.

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