Could Michael Jackson Have Starred In A ‘Doctor Who’ Movie?

By July 9, 2013

Could the King of Pop have also been the Doctor?

In his new book, “Now On The Big Screen: The Unofficial And Unauthorised Guide To Doctor Who At The Cinema,” Charles Norton claims that Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby were both on the shortlist to star as the Time Lord in a movie adaptation [via RadioTimes]. The film, at the time being considered by Paramount, was never made. To date, only British actors have played the alien protagonist; even the 1996 FOX pilot starred British actor Paul McGann.

This new revelation comes on the heels of much speculation that the Twelfth Doctor may, for the first time, be played by either a person of color or a woman. An American star is still highly unlikely.

The King of Pop isn’t the only Jackson name that’s been connected with Doctor Who in recent months; in June, his daughter Paris tweeted the following:

“omg i wanna be The Doctor”

There is little doubt that MJ was a brilliant musician, but would he have had the acting chops to pull off the role of the Doctor? And what would his Doctor’s iconic outfit have looked like? Jackson certainly had a plethora of unique costumes to choose from, and he did star in the 1986 sci-fi short Captain Eo for director Francis Ford Coppola that played at Disneyland for a few years (and has since been reinstated).

The Doctor will regenerate in this year’s Christmas special, but what do you think about the possibility of Michael Jackson (or Bill Cosby?!) playing the iconic time traveler? Sound off below!