Could We Be Getting a ‘Hamilton’ Movie Musical From ‘Creed’ Director Ryan Coogler?

By January 5, 2016

At this point, if you haven’t heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, Hamilton, then you’ve probably been living under a rock or away from the internet completely. The musical, which re-envisions the life of Alexander Hamilton through hip-hop and with a wide array of racially diverse cast members has become a pop culture phenomenon over the past few months both for its relevance to society’s current issues, and for Manuel Miranda’s catchy, and easy-to-listen-to soundtrack.

It looks like one of the most talented young filmmakers in Hollywood right now might be interested in trying his hand at a Hamilton film adaptation sometime in the future as well with Creed helmer Ryan Coogler. If we’re being honest too, after both Creed and Fruitvale Station, we’re willing to see whatever Coogler wants to do next.

While speaking with Vanity Fair, Coogler mentioned his passion to direct a possible Hamilton film during a dinner in New York recently:

“I think anyone who ever picked up a camera would. That’s all people are talking about in California right now.” 

He went on to speak about how the musical has affected his perspective on American history moving forwards and how he might handle it in future projects:

“I’m taking a new approach and a new passion to looking at history—specifically American history. So it was really amazing to see this play that takes two things—hip-hop and the American Revolution—that you would think wouldn’t have anything to do with each other, but they actually fit each other like a glove. When you look at the idea of the underdog, the idea of people feeling like they are being overlooked, people who feel like they have something to prove. And the shortsightedness that revolutionaries could have at times. You know what I mean? They could be simultaneously longsighted and shortsighted.”

Now, it should quickly be noted that no mention of a film adaptation came when Coogler met Manuel Miranda backstage after a show Saturday night, and Coogler is also in talks to direct Marvel’s Black Panther standalone next, so his schedule could be somewhat tight over the next few years. Considering Hamilton‘s increasing popularity though, is it possible that we should be expecting a film adaptation sometime in the next couple years, from someone other than Coogler?

It’s an interesting question, and seeing how excited by the possibility Coogler was just speaking about it metaphorically makes it seem like a Hamilton film could be one of the hot properties running around the industry in the coming months. Either way, the show is still going strong in the theatre circuit, and if you haven’t already listened to the soundtrack, you might want to prepare to fall into the kind of American revolution, hip-hop rabbit hole that you never knew you wanted.

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