Cousin Eddie AKA Randy Quaid Arrested, Held on 500,000 Bail

By October 12, 2015
Photo Credit: Peter McCabe / AP

Oh, Eddie… If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.’

Clark W Griswold’s words have never been so resonate, what with the latest doings of fallen actor, Randy Quaid (Vacation, Christmas Vacation, Independence Day). Thanks to a report from NBC News we’ve learned that Cousin Eddie himself, Randy Quaid has been arrested in Vermont with his wife, Evi, while attempting to cross into the United Staes from Canada. They are being held on $500,000 dollars in bail and are awaiting extradition.

The charges stem from a trespassing and vandalism charge from 2010 in which Quaid and his wife entered a Santa Barbara building they claimed they owned.

I have lost count on how many times as of late Randy Quaid has been in the news. And in all cases, not for the best of reasons. A quick search on the internet bring up a ton of stories that are… in a word: crazy. I’ll let Uproxx do the talking here:

Randy and Evi Quaid reportedly believe there is an evil sect of Hollywood trying to kill them. It is the same shadowy organization that killed Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and Chris Penn. This sect is also responsible for extorting millions from their bank accounts, while running them out of the country.

If you head over to Uproxx you can read up on a timeline of the events Mr. Quaid has found himself in. One particular event in court stands out:

After posting another bond — this one for $40,000 — they famously appeared at their next two court hearings. At one hearing, Evi held tightly to Randy’s 1988 Golden Globe, and at the other, Randy wore a sheriff’s badge while Evi had a credit card glued to her forehead. The judge in the case didn’t take the theatrics lightly: they were sent to jail, but posted $100,000 bail after a few hours in custody. The charges against Randy were dropped, but Evi had to pay a fine and commit to community service.

No word yet on what’s next for Randy Quaid or Evi. But I’m sure it’s going to be something theatrical if we are to take this one Tweet from his timelineat face value:

I hate them too, Mr. Quaid.

All joking aside, it’s clear Randy Quaid and his wife are dealing with issues so all we can do now is hope for the best. As a fan of his Cousin Eddie in the Vacation Franchise I can only hope he lands on his feet.

Nowhere near any umbrellas.

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