‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Crackity Jones”

By August 29, 2013


Joan and Arthur aside, love cannot exist in the world of spies.

Why did Henry Wilcox claim that Auggie’s ex-wife, Helen, was still alive? After all, Auggie saw her shot to death in an alley seven years earlier. Or did he?


Helen faked her own death and went dark. Worse, Arthur knew about it – a severe breach of trust. Auggie shows up at his door and punches Arthur in the face. But the nightmare isn’t over; Arthur is sending Helen and Annie to France to recover the missiles stolen several weeks before.


Helen pays Auggie a visit, and coldly tells him that their relationship was always just a cover for her. It is a lie, of course; we later discover that she was so in love with Auggie that, fearing for his safety, she made a rash decision and blew her own cover. Compromised, she decided that the best way out was to fake her death and work under the radar.


It’s a lesson she tries to impart on an emotionally-driven Annie Walker: you can have love or be a spy, but you can’t have both. Annie doesn’t want to believe her, but in the wake of nearly being killed by her target (and then saved by Helen), she begins to doubt her own choices. “Decide what it is you really want to do here,” Helen says cooly. “Be with Auggie, or stop Henry.”


Unfortunately, Auggie too is having doubts. The tech guys, at his house getting satellite images of Henry Wilcox conspiring with an ALC terrorist, ask him about his relationship with Annie. He, in turn, goes to Joan and asks why she paired the two of them in the first place. They push each other, Joan replies, and help each other grow. But is that enough to make being a couple work? Or, like most spy couples, will the lies destroy them in the end?


It’s clear that they both love each other, but is that enough? Upon Annie’s return, Auggie admits that Helen may be right about one thing: It’s impossible to be both a spy and have love. And thus, their relationship ends in a quiet moment on the couch, neither certain of what else to do. Annie flees, her whole body wracked by a fit of tears, leaving an equally devastated Auggie in her wake.