‘Covert Affairs’ Recap: “Levitate Me”

By September 19, 2013


Henry Wilcox may be a lot of things, but he’s no liar. He did, after all, vow to take down anyone who stood in his way…and, by the end of the midseason finale, everyone’s lives are in shambles.

Arthur’s under heavy guard, awaiting trial. Joan’s been ousted from her job, and taken to the hospital for pregnancy complications. Auggie, still under review, manages to stay in the building…right up until he puts Henry in a chokehold in front of the acting DCI.


As for Annie? She’s burglarizing her way through Germany, swiping phones and shoplifting clothes. Unaware that Henry’s back in the United States (visiting Arthur in jail and getting himself back into Langley as a consultant), Annie’s still searching for him. Retracing his steps, Annie discovers that Henry met with a woman the night before the Copenhagen attacks…Jai’s mother. Can she turn the tables and use this against him?


She needs to get past her own people first. Calder’s been sent with a team to retrieve her, and they chase Annie through the streets of Frankfurt. She gets away, just in time to be framed for the murder of Gary – one of Calder’s oldest friends and operatives. In reality, he’s been shot to death by one of Henry’s men: Jack, a special ops agent, who was also responsible for framing Teo and running Annie off the road.


Annie finally agrees to meet with Calder on a rooftop. “The only way you’re leaving Frankfurt,” he says, “Is with me…or in a body bag.”


And a body bag it is. The scene that set the stage for the entire first half of the season finally comes to pass. Calder lurks outside an elevator, gun at the ready. All of Langley – including Henry – watches and listens as his team lies in wait. Annie writes a farewell letter to her sister and places a final call to Auggie. And then the doors open, and, two shots later, Annie goes down, dead.


Or is she? Jack checks the body, just to be sure, and there’s no pulse. Her corpse is wheeled to the ambulance…but the driver has a familiar face. Eyal Lavine, Annie’s favorite ally in Massad, is back, and as soon as they’re out of sight, he revives her. He hands her a file on Jai’s mother, along with some temporary documents to get her started.


“It gives me great pleasure to be the last one to ever tell you this,” he says, as she confirms that ‘Annie Walker’ no longer exists. “You’re an amazing woman, Annie.” And in that moment, it’s impossible to deny the chemistry that exists between the two–whether they ever act on it or not.


What will happen when “Covert Affairs” returns from its midseason hiatus? Will Henry continue his steady rise back into power? Will the lives of our heroes further deteriorate? Can Annie and Auggie’s relationship survive a faked death? (Remember: Auggie’s ex-wife pulled the same trick). And when will Eyal return?