‘CSI’ Finale Could Come in the Form of a Television Movie

By May 10, 2015

CBS’ enduring series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” may be getting a send-off in a bit of a grander fashion than is typical.

According to Deadline, CBS is eyeing the possibility of culminating the series — which began its staggering 15th season last fall — with a television movie to tie up all the loose ends, and send the characters off into the sunset. In addition to the possibility of a TV movie is a truncated 16th season, which could consist of as little as six episodes to round all the remaining story threads. With the 15th season finale in February ending on a bit of an unsatisfying cliffhanger, it looks like the creatives behind the show are interested in giving it a proper send-off, rather than hanging on Elisabeth Shue’s character being stuck in a coma.

“CSI” first began in the fall of 2000, starring the likes of William Petersen as Gil Grissom and Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows. After having a pretty consistent cast for about the first eight years, the show has brought in new leads like Laurence Fishburne and, most recently, Ted Danson after Petersen and many other originals had either left or been written out of the show. In addition to a number of accolades the show has received during its run on CBS, it currently stands as the second longest-running scripted non-animated U.S. primetime TV series that’s technically still airing, as well as the seventh longest-running scripted U.S. primetime TV series overall.

Ending the original, flasgship “CSI” in a satisfying manner would also make it different from its two spin-offs — “CSI: Miami” starring David Caruso, and “CSI: New York” starring Gary Sinise — which were both canceled unceremoniously after ten seasons and nine seasons, respectively.

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  • lily

    Can’t believe its been 15 years, that means I have been watching it for a solid 8 now :O

  • USAjoe

    i have always wanted the episodes to be longer, so this is ideal for me