CW Takes On DC’s Hourman In Latest Round Of Superhero Dramas

By November 5, 2013

Seems like the CW is looking to change their name to the “DCW” as they’re looking to develop ANOTHER drama based on a DC superhero: this time, it’s Hourman.

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Hourman tells the tale of Rex Tyler, a scientist working his way through college by researching vitamin and hormone supplements for Bannermain Chemical. Through his research, he discovers a drug called “Miraclo” – a “super-vitamin” that produces superhuman strength and speed for approximately one hour before the body’s chemistry reverts back to normal levels. After testing on mice, Tyler decided that he and only he should be the lone test subject for human trials, and use the power for good by becoming a superhero for the people of Appleton City.


Hourman first made the scene in 1940 as a founding member of the Justice Society Of America, then left to become one of Uncle Sam’s Freedom Fighters in 1941, then All-Star Squadron and Justice League down the line.

“Hourman” seems to have some pretty decent heavyweights behind the scenes, as Hollywood Reporter says Michael Caleo (“The Sopranos”) will take the reigns as writer and share exec producer duties alongside Lin Pictures’ head of television for Warner Bros Television’s Jennifer Gwartz and Dan Lin himself.

But this isn’t the only DC show headed to CW; “The Flash” is still in development with Grant Gustin (“Glee”) in the title role. However, the Wonder Woman prequel “Amazon” is STILL in development hell…something I am NOT pleased about.

Hourman may be a Golden Age elder statesman (and I mean no disrespect here) but I’m really not impressed with a guy who can only have powers for an hour at a time vs. a woman who can kick your ass 24-7.

Stay tuned.

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