Daisy Ridley Confirms ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Discussions

By March 21, 2016

Recently, rumors began swirling around online that Warner Bros. and MGM were eyeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens breakout star, Daisy Ridley, as the lead of their new Tomb Raider film reboot to play Lara Croft. There wasn’t much else to the report other than that though, and it should also be mentioned that at the time, no negotiations or deals had been made between Ridley and the studios for the role either.

Looks like The Force Awakens star might not be opposed to the idea though, even if she’s already got one major franchise under her belt at the moment.

While recently speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley revealed that there have indeed been discussions for her to play the role, and that she’s hoping it works out:

“I’m waiting for someone to say ‘I want you, let’s do it’. Absolutely, I’m trying to fill up my calendar.”

Her Star Wars co-star, John Boyega, also revealed that he was the person who originally told Ridley to go after the role as well:

“I played ‘Tomb Raider’ the game, it’s a new take and I think the movies are going to be based on that version. But I texted Daisy [and] was like, ‘this is you!’ and ‘you need to get on that because you could be Lara Croft.’ She should be.”

Currently, Ridley is a bit busy in the midst of production on 2017’s Star Wars: Episode VIII, directed by Looper‘s Rian Johnson, which will be the highly-anticipated follow-up film to last year’s The Force Awakens, which successfully kickstarted the beloved franchise.

Boyega is right as well that the new Tomb Raider films will likely be borrowing more from the last two, rebooted versions of the video game franchise, which took the same treasure-hunting, tomb-raiding aspects of the original games and put them into a much more realistic, dark world, with Camilla Luddington playing the role of Croft. It will be directed by The Wave‘s Roar Uthaug, from a script by Transformers 5 writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet, which might not be the best news in the world.

I know there’s been some hesitation from fans of the video game franchise about this casting as well, but considering how easily Ridley managed to steal the show in The Force Awakens last year, and the much more realistic look of Lara Croft in the latest games, I think she’d be about perfect it. The only thing I hope, if this happens, is that the films themselves manage to take advantage of Ridley’s current star power and put her at the head of some legitimately good video game adaptations, rather something on the same level as the fairly disastrous Angelina Jolie-led Tomb Raider films of the past.

The Tomb Raider film reboot is currently in development.

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