Dan Aykroyd Will Cameo in 2016’s ‘Ghostbusters’

By July 15, 2015

While some people still seem to have doubts about the upcoming new Ghostbusters film starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig and directed by Paul Feig — even with a hearty endorsement from the likes of original film director Ivan Reitman and star Dan Aykroyd — perhaps an appearance of one of the original Ghostbusters themselves would turn around some fans. Well, it looks like that’ll be happening.

According to The Wrap, Dan Aykroyd himself has confirmed that he will be appearing — albeit briefly — in the upcoming reboot of the series he helped launch back in 1984. Aykroyd apparently made the announcement in a Facebook post, but a quick glance to his official page on the social media site currently shows no trace of such a confirmation. Perhaps this information wasn’t supposed to get out, but all the same, it’s likely positive that it did. Indie Revolver also picked up this news, capturing a tweet from the actor where he announces his small part in the film. Again, though, a look at his Twitter profile shows that the tweet in question is now missing as well.

Aykroyd’s involvement in Ghostbusters is something that should be continued anyways, because so much of himself is tied up in the franchise. In addition to performing in front of the camera as Ray Stantz, Aykroyd also co-wrote the films alongside his friend and co-star Harold Ramis. The duo tried to get a third film made with the original cast as late as 2012, but Ramis’ untimely death have likely killed any possibility of a film reuniting the original Ghostbusters, before even taking into account Bill Murray’s reluctance to return to the role of Peter Venkman.

Some more vocal fans have been very critical of Sony Pictures’ decision to take the franchise in the new direction driven by director Paul Feig, but Aykroyd is not one of them, recently commenting very positively about what the new film and its cast will add to the legacy created by he, Ramis, and Reitman. We’ll find out how well Feig and his new cast ultimately do when Ghostbusters is released next July.

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Chris Clow
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