Daniel Radcliffe Goes Undercover in First Poster for ‘Imperium’

By June 29, 2016

This weekend, audiences across the country will have an opportunity to watch Daniel Radcliffe’s pale, flatulent corpse perform a variety of miraculous feats as Swiss Army Man opens nationwide. But even as the award-winning drama zooms into theaters, Radcliffe’s next project is already looming on the horizon, as the Harry Potter star continues to reinvent himself with each subsequent role.

The crime drama Imperium stars Radcliffe as an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates a group of white supremacists as they attempt to build a dirty bomb. Entertainment Weekly caught up with the film’s director, Daniel Ragussis, who revealed some of the details about Radcliffe’s role:

“It was inspired by real events and co-written by Michael German, a former agent who spent years inside the neo-Nazi movement. Daniel Radcliffe plays Nate Foster, the agent. His greatest strengths are his intelligence and his people skills; I learned from Michael that actual undercover agents are primarily master manipulators — able to win confidences, control situations, and out-think the enemy, even when mortal danger is staring them in the face. Toni Collette plays Angela Zamparo, his case agent and supervisor. She’s spent years focusing on white supremacist terrorism and is really the only person out there that’s focused on keeping Nate alive.”

EW also revealed the first poster for Imperium, which finds Radcliffe sporting a drastically different look than we’ve seen before:

daniel radcliffe imperium

In his post-Harry Potter career, Radcliffe has already dabbled in darkness with films such as Kill Your Darlings and Horns, but this first look at Imperium offers an incredibly striking image of the 26-year-old star. And it may be his most intense performance to date, as the filmmakers reportedly went to great lengths to ensure realism, with Ragussis saying:

“There’s a large white supremacist rally in the middle of the film that we had spent months researching and planning. There were so many details that had to be captured to try to make it real and authentic. I’d read about them, seen them, watched videos of them — but to actually see it come to life by our own hands was something I’ll never forget.”

Imperium is slated for a VOD and limited theatrical release on August 19.

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