‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Coming Earlier Than We Thought According to New Trailer, Poster

By January 7, 2016

Those Murdock boys got the devil in em’ and they aren’t releasing it quite when we thought.

The official release date for Marvel’s Daredevil season 2 will indeed be in March, however; it will not stream the same day as Batman V. Superman releases as previously believed. The day of the devil is now March 18th, 2016. Hey! Even sooner!

Check out this dark announcement trailer Netflix just dropped on us. The trailer gives us more of a recap of season one rather than showing any new footage. Still worth watching as it totally got me in the mood to re-watch Season 1 immediately (Or as soon as I’m done with ‘Making A Murderer’). Here’s the trailer:

Can’t wait! The first season was just so good. The show being on Netflix allowed it to be a slow burn, getting deep into each characters psyche in a way you just can’t do with movies. Not to mention it gave us that Marvel Knights feel in a way many never thought would happen once Disney bought Marvel. Now we’re getting the Punisher. Life is good. So is this poster:


So, there you have it GeekNation. We get Matt Murdock a week earlier than we thought. Do you think season 2 will live up to the greatness of the first? Stay tuned for more updates from Hells Kitchen, I mean GeekNation!

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