Dave Bautista May Be Joining the ‘Blade Runner 2’ Cast

By April 2, 2016

Following the most recent casting of Robin Wright as an unknown, but key character in the film, progress on the highly-anticipated sequel to 1982’s Blade Runner has been steadily increasing over the past few months. After initially confirming Harrison Ford to return as Rick Deckard with Sicario filmmaker Denis Villeneuve directing as well, the movie then went on to cast Ryan Gosling as one of the film’s other leads as well, though no one really knows who any of these new cast members are playing as of yet.

It looks like the film may be adding yet another rising star to its cast though. Either that, or a certain Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star is having a lot of fun messing with us.

Dave Bautista recently tweeted a new image of himself, teasing some exciting news that he can’t wait to share with his fans, as he’s holding a certain origami Unicorn in his hands, which fans of the original Blade Runner film will recognize as being very similar to the unicorn that Deckard picked up at the end. Check out the tweet below:

After impressing audiences with his onscreen talents in both Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014 and Spectre last year, which he honestly might have been one of the best parts of, Bautista has solidifed himself as a charismatic and talented actor onscreen, who’s able to branch out of just the typical, wrestler-turned-movie-star persona that he had originally adopted.

He’d make an interesting addition to the Blade Runner sequel’s cast as well, though I have absolutely no idea who he could be playing, even if I have some theories about what the story could be (I’ll talk about that another time). Villeneuve never seems to make any negative casting decisions in his films either though, and if this ends up being true, then it looks like the future of Bautista’s onscreen career is just getting better and better at this point.

Blade Runner 2 will hit theatres on January 12th, 2018.

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