David Fincher and Charlize Theron Bringing Serial Killer Drama to Netflix

By December 22, 2015

When you think of the most iconic pop culture characters of the past few years, you’ll probably be surprised when you realize that a lot of them come from TV. The format has been in the midst of a second Golden Age over the past few years, bringing in bigger and bigger names from the film world to its ranks, with some of the most well-known actors and actresses looking to find the kind of complex character that only television really allows.

Now, after helping to shepherd Netflix’s House of Cards into the world in its first season, and with two projects at HBO (Utopia and Video Synchronicity) currently stuck in development hell, it looks like critically-acclaimed filmmaker David Fincher has found his next project, with one of the most reliable actresses in Hollywood possibly attached to star.

Deadline is reporting that Fincher and actress Charlize Theron are currently working to bring Mindhunters to Netflix, a new serial killer drama previously in the works at HBO, which is based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit by former special agents John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The book tells the true story of Douglas and Olshaker’s work in the FBI, where Douglas used to hunt and capture notorious serial killers, and then interview them afterwards to help create new profiling methods.

As of right now, Theron is only set to executive produce the series with Fincher, although there is a chance she could star in it as well.

The serial killer subject is no stranger to Fincher, who has dabbled in the genre plenty of times before, sometimes with incredible success (Seven and Zodiac), and sometimes with disappointing results (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). However, bringing on a big name like Theron for the project could help to bring some serious buzz behind it, and as someone who’s been a continuous fan of Fincher’s career from the beginning, I look forward to seeing what he’s planning on doing with this one.

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