David Fincher Back On For Big Screen Version of ‘Black Hole’

By October 6, 2013


A big screen adaptation of Charles Burn’s graphic novel “Black Hole” has been a long time coming. As a fan of the series, I know I’ve definitely been looking forward to it for a good while, so I was thrilled a few years ago when everything seemed to indicate it was a go. The fact that director David Fincher was on board with a screenplay written by Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary made it all the better. How something with that caliber of talent involved could fall apart is beyond me, but Hollywood is always making baffling decisions, so I’ll just chalk it up to that.

But when a story is as brilliant as “Black Hole,” there’s no way someone isn’t going to attempt to make an equally brilliant film version. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B is doing just that, teaming up with David Fincher to bring the story of Seattle teens in the 1970s who contract “The Bug,” an incurable STD that causes shocking mutations, to big screen fruition at last. The story is also chock full of disturbing dreams and hallucinations, so it’s basically the perfect David Fincher project all around. Can. Not. Wait.

There’s no official word regarding casting, script or a release date, but the big screen adaptation of “Black Hole” is just one of the many high-profile projects Plan B has slated, including the Andrew Dominik-directed Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, an adaptation of Michael Hastings’ book “The Operators.” Fincher and Pitt have a successful history working together, so I’m thinking this time the film version of “Black Hole” will see the light of day. (See what I did there?)

Are you looking forward to seeing what Fincher does with “Black Hole”? What are some other graphic novels you want to see adapted for the big screen?

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Desi Jedeikin

Desi Jedeikin

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