David Fincher Reteams with ‘Gone Girl’ Writer Gillian Flynn for Remake of British Drama Series ‘Utopia’

By February 12, 2014

It’s safe to say that David Fincher has found success in the television realm with his Netflix series “House of Cards” – the show has already garnered him an Emmy win for Best Directing, even though it doesn’t air on a traditional network – and it looks like the acclaimed director isn’t done with the world of TV just yet.

Fincher’s next film project is an adaptation of writer Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck, and now Deadline reports that the famously meticulous director has reteamed with Flynn for another venture: he’ll direct the pilot and Flynn will write the script for “Utopia,” a remake of the ongoing British drama of the same name. Here’s Deadline’s rundown of the premise:

The series revolves around the die-hard fans of an iconic, underground graphic novel who are suddenly launched into their own pop-culture thriller when they learn that the author has secretly written a sequel. Unfortunately, the new manuscript is much more than just a book and those on the hunt for it suddenly find themselves in a game of shifting loyalties, conspiracy and shocking twists as the true meaning of the book is slowly revealed.

Utopia banner

Frankly, this sounds a little geekier than we’d expect someone like Fincher to become attached to. (Then again, this is the guy who directed a movie about Facebook, so I guess anything is possible.) Obviously he’s formed a good working relationship with Flynn (who also wrote the screenplay for Gone Girl), so it should be interesting for fans of her novels to see if the writer can successfully make the jump to other media, and if this works out well, it’s possible that we’re looking at the beginning of a very fruitful collaboration between these two personalities. “Utopia” will air on HBO, an interesting move considering Fincher’s relationship with Netflix, but Flynn has a writing deal with that network, so that’s the connection there.

Gone Girl hits theaters on October 3rd, 2014, and there’s no word yet on an expected air date for “Utopia.” In the meantime, check out the trailer for the Channel 4 version of the series below:

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  • Colt Howard

    I’ll see anything Fincher is involved with…He had me at Se7en and Fight Club!

    • Mack D Felix

      I’m with you…Anything!

  • Mack D Felix

    It really is only Fincher movies, for the most part, that seem to be able to take you to a parallel universe, yet without ever leaving the existing one. He brings something out in his actors that cannot be explained…It’s more than just script choices. Amazing!

  • The plot sounds like a geekier version of that horrible CW show “Cult”. Hope it fairs better…

  • Francis L Patterson

    At first, the photo looked like Bill Murray. Glad I read on!