David Krumholtz Bringing Grandmother Gigi Character to IFC for New Series

By November 12, 2014

Over the summer, you might have heard that David Krumholtz, the star of shows like “Numb3rs” and films like This is The End and The Santa Clause, was giving the weather at a website called WeatherFrom.com. But the catch was that he was doing it in character as a 72-year old Jewish grandmother named Gigi (above), and now she may be getting her own show.

IFC has announced that they’ve ordered a series presentation, which is like a less expensive pilot, for a potential series called “Gigi’s Bucket List,” following the titular grandmother and septuagenarian from Boca Raton, Florida as she pursues everything she deprived herself of throughout her life, after discovering millions in her dead husband’s bank account. If you haven’t seen Krumholtz in action as Gigi, here you go:

The hopeful series will be executive produced by Krumholtz working with the appropriately named Grandma’s House Entertainment. The project will shoot sometime before the year is out and will be considered for a series order to debut sometime in 2015.

While the idea of having Krumholtz appear in drag as a character feels like a gimmick better suited for a series of sketches rather than a whole series, this is a pretty damn great character with a lot of potential to fill a whole show. If you watch a few of the videos at Weather From, you’ll hear endless stories about when Gigi was a young girl, about how bad her arthritis is, all with some confusing advice.

IFC has made an impressive line-up of alternative comedy programming, and this fits right in with their style. Honestly, I can’t even remember a series where the entire focus was a man dressed up as an old woman as the main character, so just the potential for this series is bold and exciting. Here’s hoping the presentation works out and IFC picks it up to series.

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Ethan Anderton
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