David Yates Goes Comic Book Movie With Thriller ‘Who Is Jake Ellis?’

By October 7, 2013

David Yates

Harry Potter director David Yates is trying his hand at a very different kind of adaptation, as THR reports that the filmmaker is now attached to direct a big screen take on Nathan Edmondson and Tonci Zonjic’s 2011 comic book, Who is Jake Ellis? Conveniently enough, the comic comes complete with its own sequel (Where is Jake Ellis?, which seems a bit spoiler-y, really), so the sequel-happy Yates (he directed four of eight Potters) just might have a new franchise on his hands.

Edmondson and Zonjic’s story centers on former CIA analyst Jon Moore (being a “former” CIA analyst never seems like a good thing) who, some years before the story picks up, escaped illegal imprisonment in a lab that focused on remote viewing (think ESP) experiments. Now free, Jon has been unable to shake his apparent connection to Jake Ellis, some sort of espionage experiment who has helped Jon become a very successful criminal around Europe. It’s a good partnership, but when one of Jon’s jobs goes wrong, he (and Jake, sort of) returns to the lab he once escaped from, looking for answers. And, whoa, does he find them.

Jake Ellis

THR compares the project to other films and franchises like “Bourne, Memento and Fight Club,” which sounds pretty excellent.

The film does not yet have a screenwriter, but Fox (who just picked up the movie rights to the book) and producer Peter Chernin are currently on the hunt for one. We can’t wait to find out (chuckle) who they may be. Have you read the comic? Think it’ll make a good movie? Sound off below.

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