DC’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Gets an All New, Updated Poster

By December 4, 2015

The CW has been hard at work for the past year or so, setting up their newest DC spin-off TV series, Legends of Tomorrow. The show will focus on a team of new and old characters from the DC universe, coming together to travel through time and fight the immortal Vandal Savage. After setting up the series’ characters in both The Flash and Arrow recently too, with it all culminating in the two-part series crossover this week, the show looks to be primed and ready for its premiere next month.

Considering it’s been almost a year since we saw the original trailer for the series too, Legends feels like something that’s been in the making for a while now – promising to be the CW’s largest series to date, and boasting its biggest budget for special effects as well. Not to mention the sheer size of the Legends team, which could bring about either problematic or rewarding results in the series, depending upon its pacing and storytelling techniques.

With the premiere in just a few weeks now as well, the CW has officially unveiled the show’s newest poster, which features every updated team member and main character in the series, unlike its original (see above).

Check out the new poster below:

legends of tomorrow poster

Unlike the original poster, this one features both halves of Firestorm as well as Hawkgirl and Hawkman in costume. Up until this point too, both The Flash and Arrow have introduced and developed each member of the Legends team except for Arthur Darvill’s Rip Hunter, who will be making his debut in the pilot episode of the series, guiding the rest of the team into their time-traveling crusade. The half-green background seems to represent the time-travel of the series too, which we got a glimpse of in the latest trailer.

To be honest, The Flash has gone more places in one and half seasons than I thought it, or any superhero show, would ever go. Fully introducing the DC multiverse and multiple speedsters has got to be one of the gutsiest things that any comic book adaptation has tried yet. The show has pulled it off wonderfully too. So I can’t wait to see what Legends will be doing as well, even if its only half as good as The Flash, then it’ll still be worth tuning in for every week.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will premiere Thursday, January 21st on the CW.

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