Dead Hungry Diner Game Review!

By June 15, 2012

Have you ever wanted to run a restaurant, but rather than serve food to living customers, you’d instead cater to the undead? Obviously someone has, and the game Dead Hungry Diner is proof.

In a nutshell: Dead Hungry Diner is so similar to the popular restaurant game Diner Dash that, at first, it feels like a reskin of the same game.

At base, the two games are the same. Customers arrive to your restaurant, you choose where to seat them, they order, you bring them food, you take their money and clean their table. Lather, rinse, repeat. The difference here is that these customers are ghoulish night time creatures like vampires, werewolves, and banshees, and they each come with their own set of rules. Vampires and werewolves don’t like each other. Green zombies are easygoing, but red zombies get mad if their service isn’t speedy. The Grim Reaper makes most creatures a tad uneasy, and non-zombie customers will leave if you seat him next to them. Throw in magic spells that can do things like turn any creature into a mellow green zombie or super speed, and you’ve got more than a few tactical options to avoid an outbreak of monsteriffic chaos.

Game features: Story mode, which is where a bulk of your time will be spent. There’s also an ‘endless’ mode, which isn’t quite as interesting as the gameplay of the story mode, but will suffice once you’ve finished the short 2-3 hour story.

Overall, DHD feels like a clever Halloween-themed expansion of Diner Dash, and it makes for quick and spooky fun.

You should play this game if you like the gameplay to Diner Dash but want something with a little more character and thought to it, or if you’re tired of waiting for Plants vs. Zombies 2 and want to get your G-rated zombie fix now.

What would you feed your undead customers? 

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Alex Langley

Alex Langley is the author of The Geek Handbook: Practical Skills and Advice for the Likable Modern Geek.