‘Deadpool’ Director Hints at Cable in Possible Sequel

By August 5, 2015

The first trailers to Deadpool debuted online last night, and they seem to have been just as well-received as they were at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con just a few weeks ago. Both the green and red band trailers gave fans glimpses at the Deadpool film that they’ve been waiting years for. They were packed to the brim with as many swear words as possible, creative insults by T.J. Miller, bad ass action, and Ryan Reynolds having the time of his life in that costume. What more could you ask for?

Apparently, director Tim Miller is already wondering that himself. The film seems to have more anticipation from the fan community than almost any other superhero movie out there right now, and while it obviously won’t do as well as some of the tentpoles like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it looks like discussions of a possible sequel may already be happening at Fox.

While recently breaking down the trailer and SDCC footage for Empire, Miller went into explaining why he chose to include Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, as well as talking about a specific character that he wants to put into the sequel, if it happens after all:

“I went through the list of Marvel characters and picked a few others I thought could be visually spectacular and fun. And at the end of that list was Negasonic, which I just thought was a freaky, funny name. And I sent this list over to the writers, Rhett (Reese) and Paul (Wernick), and they were like, ‘Oh my fucking god, we have to use her!’ So that’s how she ended up in the movie. Her name was cool, and we kind of wanted a straight-man to play against Colossus. We thought about Cannonball, but he would’ve been a stupid hick character, whereas the guys wrote Negasonic as this deadpan goth teen, which was a great angle. She turned out really well. There aren’t really many definitive Deadpool villains, apart from Cable. If we don’t put Cable in Deadpool 2 I think we’ll be run out of town on a rail.”

Fans have been calling for a possible Cable and Deadpool team-up almost as long as they have been calling for the movie in general. It’s safe to say that there probably are some fans out there disappointed by him not appearing in the new film, especially considering how electric their dynamic is in the comics, but it looks like if the film does well, we might just get to see that. One way or another.

The most exciting thing about Deadpool though is the fact that everyone involved in the project seems to be just as big of fans of the character as we are. Reynolds has been wanting to make this movie for years now, and Miller has been campaigning for it equally as long. So the fact that they are paying attention to the fans, and listening to their concerns, gives Deadpool an advantage over almost any other comic book film out there right now.

Deadpool is set to hit theatres on February 12th, 2016!

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