‘Deadpool’ Leads Most-Pirated Films List

By January 2, 2017

So, we already know that Game of Thrones is the most pirated television show of 2016, but can you guess what movie people downloaded illegally the most?

If you said Deadpool, then you’re … OK, you’re right. It was Deadpool.

TorrentFreak shared what it said topped the lists in most illegally downloaded films, with the Ryan Reynolds Marvel character topping both DC Comics’ Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and another Marvel property, Captain America: Civil War.

Of course, we can’t reiterate enough how important it is to remember that in most countries, including the United States and Canada, piracy is illegal, and you shouldn’t do it. When you download movies illegally, those funds are not going to the studios who produce the films, and that could impact whether or not those studios end up making more films like it.

Deadpool finished the year as the No. 6 film in North America with $363.1 million, while Batman v. Superman earned $330.4 million, enough for eighth place. Civil War finished the year in third with $408.1 million.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the top film of 2015, finished fourth in the list, while X-Men: Apocalypse took up the No. 5 slot. Apocalypse earned $155.4 million, enough for No. 16 in North America.

TorrentFreak bases its results on “several sources,” including download statistics reported by public trackers.

The bottom half of the list was populated by Warcraft ($47.2 million), Independence Day: Resurgence ($103.1 million), Suicide Squad ($325.1 million), Finding Dory ($486.3 million) and The Revenant, which was released last year.

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