Deadpool Leaks His Own Script Page Complete with Notes, Colossus Fight

By December 20, 2015

Fox has been rolling out a touch of new content every day from the merc with a mouth and calling it 12 Days of Deadpool. It ends with a new trailer on Christmas Day. Check out the video below to get filled in by the only guy I know with a filthier mouth than myself.

Glorious. Anywho, today’s (or was it yesterdays? I need to sleep more) tidbit of wonderful sexually charged content (what?) happens to be a script page leaked by Deadpool containing notes made by Deadpool. Everytime either he or Ryan Reynolds does something I think of the other one. It’s like they are literally the same person even when Reynolds’ is just being himself.

I’m personally psyched for the guy. Hilarious and an underrated actor in my opinion. Sure, the dude has been in some duds (Green Lantern wasn’t his fault. Who CGI’s the effing suit? Find THAT guy and sh*t on his career instead, K?) This may finally be the unequivocal box office b*tchslap his career needed. Here’s the script page below via JoBlo:



There’s fantastic jokes about STD’s and dinosaurs not to mention what sounds like a blasty-blast of a fight with Colossus. Sounds dreamy. Especially the part where it openly makes fun of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I guess even Deadpool thought a Fantastic Four joke was too soon. Can anyone figure out the hangman words? Let us know what you think it says! More updates to come here on Geek Nation.

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  • David Johnson

    Hell with batman vs superman I’m waiting on #Deadpool in 2016!!!