‘Deadpool’ Star Wants Taskmaster to Be the Sequel’s Villain

By June 13, 2016

Deadpool managed to be a success on every level, managing to be both a faithful adaptation of the Merc with a Mouth on the big screen, and a financially successful one as well. While Ed Skrein’s Ajax has received about the least amount of love out of everyone in the movie as well, his Ajax was perhaps the perfect villain for the film, and managed to be a perfect antagonist for Wade Wilson throughout. ‘

Speaking with IGN as well, Skrein joined in on the fun of speculating about Deadpool 2, something fans have been doing ever since its February release, and revealed his top choice to play the main villain in the highly-anticipated sequel, which in addition to featuring the return of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool will also feature a currently uncast live-action iteration of Cable as well.

Skrein’s choice though? The Taskmaster, and here’s why:

“The Taskmaster is just you know, so fun. To see Taskmaster and Wade Wilson/Deadpool together is so funny – watching them play in the Daniel Way collection they have these incredible riffs. He’s a mercenary like Wade Wilson but he’s a mercenary without morals. The only redeeming factor of Deadpool is his morals, right? Taskmaster does not have those morals so he back-stabs and stuff like that. He’s a hilarious character, and he looks so cool, you know? The skull head, the hood, and his superpower is he can copy anyone’s fighting style; can you imagine that visually? If he fought Deadpool and started whipping things around and doing all the flips, and then he fought Wolverine? It would be phenomenal – he’s an incredible character.”

The character, who has an enjoyably antagonistic relationship with Deadpool in the comics, can like Skrein describes above, copy the fighting styles of anyone he’s fighting or watches (excluding any particularly specific superpowers) thanks to his enhanced muscle memory. Part of his never-ending frustration with Deadpool though, is because Wade Wilson’s craziness makes it impossible for Taskmaster to be able to predict Deadpool’s next move.

Unfortunately, despite Taskmaster being included in Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s original 2010 script for the film, it’s not going to be easy for the character to appear in the sequel anytime soon, since the character’s rights reverted back to Marvel Studios while Deadpool was stuck in development hell over the past few years. Director Tim Miller still passionately wants to use the character though, and it is well-known that he even called Marvel to see if he could use the character, but gave up after realizing just how much money that would actually cost.

With Deadpool being the incredible financial success that it was though, it is possible that a financial deal between Fox and Marvel could possibly be worked out for Taskmaster, especially if he was desperately needed in the sequel’s script or story. Right now, it doesn’t look like that’s the case, even despite how much fun seeing those two characters fighting might be for fans, or how exciting it would be for Taskmaster to get a live-action iteration at all really. Skrein’s not the only one who wants to see him throw down with Deadpool, but it doesn’t seem like the most probable thing to get excited about at this point.

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