‘Dexter’ Recap: “Are We There Yet?”

By August 20, 2013

Dexter deals with the consequences of being an absentee mentor to Zach, but all is not what it seems.

The evidence against Zach is mounting. Dexter’s next-door-neighbor, Cassie, was bludgeoned to death in exactly the same way as Norma Rivera. Under her fingernails lie someone else’s blood…Zach Hamilton’s.

It’s all the evidence Dexter needs to go after his would-be protege, who has fled to the Keys. Hannah comes along for the ride, with Deb hot on their tail. When they arrive, Dexter finds Zach’s hotel room covered in plastic wrap…all set up for a kill. Meanwhile, Quinn is searching for anything to tie Zach to Norma’s murder back in Miami, and a shaken Jamie decides to stay with Batista.

Zach returns to the hotel, and Dexter pins him against the wall. The young man balks; he didn’t kill Cassie. Rather, he’s been stalking a serial killer of his own, and has the time-stamped photos to prove it.

His technique is still sloppy; unable to render his victim unconscious with a single strike, Zach beat him to death instead. Dexter helps Zach take care of the body, while Hannah clears the room of plastic wrap.

Deb arrives to confront Hannah, who insists she’s no longer a threat. She’s still in love with Dexter, and she now knows how important his sister is to him; she wouldn’t hurt him that way. Dexter returns, and though he’s angry Deb tracked his car, he’s relieved to find both parties still alive. Deb resigns herself to the fact that Dexter won’t stop loving Hannah; she leaves, and tells Elway that she’s done with the case. He’s none too pleased, especially when she admits that she’s considering a return to the police force.

Dexter, Hannah, and Zach arrive at Dr. Vogel’s house for the strangest “family” dinner of all time. While there, they realize that Zach was framed for Cassie’s murder; someone deliberately sabotaged his car so that he would cut himself, making available his blood.

Dexter and Hannah discuss her plans to leave the country, but instead of saying goodbye, they wind up in bed. Later that night, Dexter returns home to find Zach Hamilton’s body – his cranium carved up by the brain surgeon.

Despite Deb’s decision to drop the case, Elway isn’t done searching for Hannah. There’s a bounty on her head, and he intends to collect. Dexter meets Hannah at her plane just before she takes off, and begs her to stay in Miami. She embraces him, and it looks like she might be staying after all…and with Elway on the case, it can’t end well.