Dexter Recap: “Are You…?”

By October 1, 2012

With his secret compromised, will Dexter run? At the outset of the season 7 premiere, it appears that way.

Dexter is rushing to the airport with a bag of cash and passports, booking the first available flight out of the country. His credit cards are being declined. Is he running from the law, led by his sister, Lt. Debra Morgan? Or is this merely a scenario playing out in his mind as he reels with the knowledge of her discovery?

We return to the scene of the crime. Deb pulls her gun, and Dexter begins a new series of lies. He snapped, he claims. He came to take one last look at the church, and was attacked by Travis (last season’s Doomsday killer). All of his anger over Rita’s death came pouring out.

Deb may not know whether to believe her brother, but she’s not abandoning him just yet. He talks her into an elaborate cover-up; since she won’t let him get rid of the body, they stage the scene to look like a suicide and burn down the church.

It’s not long before they return to the scene of their crime, the entire department in tow. Debra distracts Matsuka as Dexter snags one last piece of evidence–a stray piece of plastic caught on the body. Still shaken, Deb leaves to make a statement to the press, while LaGuerta catches sight of a broken blood slide, lost by Dexter in his hurry to strip the body.

When Dexter returns home, he finds Louis–the lab intern with an unnerving obsession with serial killers–skulking around his computer. Though Dexter doesn’t realize it, Louis has stolen his account information, and later uses it to cancel Dexter’s credit cards.

Back at her house, Deb receives a call from Detective Anderson, who remains unconvinced that Travis’s death was a suicide. Though Deb reluctantly tells him to pursue it, Anderson never gets the chance. He stops along the road to help a man (Viktor–played by Dollhouse’s other ‘Victor’, Enver Gjokaj!), who is hiding a dead body in the back of his car. When Anderson opens the trunk and sees the body, Viktor shoots him and steals his car.

The next day, Deb arrives at Dexter’s apartment, bursting with more questions. Where did the knives come from? Why had he changed out of his work clothes? And where on earth did he get all that plastic wrap? A call to a crime scene saves him, but he sneaks into his room and kicks open the wall, snagging his getaway bag–just in case.

At the scene of Anderson’s death, the team identifies the other body as a stripper’s. Finding the culprit’s fingerprints on the turn signal, Dexter neglects to tell the others, already planning his next kill.

Beset by panic attacks and flashbacks to her own near-murder and perturbed by Dexter’s use of plastic wrap–the same amount and configuration that the Ice Truck Killer used on her–Deb goes through an old case file. She confronts Dexter, who tells her that she won’t be able to make sense of what happened.

Needing a kill to regain some semblance of control, Dexter scours Viktor’s apartment. Discovering that Viktor has booked a flight back to Eastern Europe, Dexter rushes to the airport, revealing the truth behind the opening scene. Dexter himself isn’t running away; not yet. He finds Viktor, drugging him in a men’s bathroom and killing him in the unclaimed baggage section.

Meanwhile, Batista and Quinn scour the strip club where the victim worked. Thanks to the club’s mob connections, however, no one is willing to talk. Quinn and Batista get a drink in honor of their dead co-worker, and proceed to bury the hatchet over Quinn’s poor behavior during the previous months.

Matsuka is a well of disturbing information. When LaGuerta asks him if any of their people take blood slides at crime scenes, Matsuka reminds her that the only member of their department that did so was Doakes…in his after hours hobby as the Bay Harbor Butcher. In passing, Matsuka also tells Deb that he is working the late shift instead of Dexter. When Deb calls Dexter’s house that night, however, Jamie Batista demolishes his alibi. From Harrison’s nanny, Deb learns that Dexter has been working all sorts of crazy hours. Her flashbacks get more clearer, as do previously hazy memories

Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks to a crucial point in Dexter’s relationship with his sister. As a child, Harry took away Deb’s new dog, for fear that Dexter would kill it. When Dexter attempts to explain that it is his fault, Harry sits him down and tells him that, if she ever glimpses his true self, Deb will abandon him.

It looks like Harry’s words will be put to the test–and soon. When Dexter returns home that night, he finds Deb sitting on his couch, and, set before her are his tools, bloodslides…and the prosthetic arm from the Ice Truck killer case (stolen by Louis last season). When she asks Dexter if he’s a serial killer, he has only one response.