Dexter Recap: “Buck The System”

By October 16, 2012

Dexter is going through withdrawals, and it doesn’t look like it will end well for anyone.

At the episode’s outset, Dexter’s bloodlust is reaching its boiling point. Everywhere he goes, he imagines killing people: the post office worker who closes her station, Matsuka for his annoying comments…and the latest prisoner he’s asked to collect forensic evidence from. When he loses his cool and attacks the latter, Deb takes him outside, where he confesses that her watchful eye is making him more dangerous than ever.

Deb, of course, refuses to back down, but Dexter has a new target in mind. He follows Ray Speltzer to the gym and later to a bar, where he reveals his vetting process to Deb. Deb is furious and reminds Dexter that she is the police; she has to follow the law. But Dexter is shaking like an addict without his fix, and, eager to prove himself to Deb, he seeks out evidence at Ray’s job site: a cemetery.

Dexter persuades Deb to get a warrant to search the mausoleum there, but LaGuerta turns down her request. Deb places a tail on Ray, but later sends the officers home and heads to his place herself, arriving too late to see his next victim enter.

Dexter breaks into the mausoleum and finds Ray’s trophies. He tries to text the image to Deb, but gets no signal. By the time he realizes where Deb is, it’s too late; the girl is dead and Ray Speltzer is seconds away from killing Deb as well.

A devastated Deb admits that she understands Dexter’s reasons, but asks him to move out, convinced that their relationship will never be the same.

In the meantime, the Russian mobster plot thickens. At the behest of her bosses, Nadia, a stripper in the club, gets closer to Quinn. She tells him the truth, though whether this is a ploy for information or a genuine confession is yet to be seen. Regardless, he agrees to feed her information and protect her in exchange for anything she hears about the murder of Detective Anderson.

Though Dexter’s mission to kill Ray Speltzer fails, his plot to weed Louis out of his life finally succeeds. The return of the Ice Truck killer’s prosthetic hand prompts Matsuka to fire Louis, and a tape of him and a prostitute leads Jamie to storm out. When Louis goes to the Marina to sabotage Dexter’s boat, the Russians, having tracked Viktor’s last location to the Slice of Life, threaten him with his own drill. Louis blurts out Dexter’s name in an attempt to save himself, but the mobsters kill him anyway.

We also meet Hannah McKay (played by Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski). Hannah is the ex-girlfriend of Wayne Randall (the convicted murderer who stepped in front of a truck in last week’s shocking ending), and she isn’t very cooperative. Still, she and Dexter appear to have forged a tentative connection during their brief meeting.

Will Deb come around? With the Russian mob closing in on Dexter, how long will it be before he admits that he killed Viktor? And what role will Hannah have to play in the upcoming drama?